Obdi plugin to allow configuration of servers


What is it?

This Obdi plugin allows the user to:


Salt States and Formulas

Salt States and Formulas are referred to as Classes in all areas of the Web Interface. This term has been borrowed from Puppet just because it's easier to fit into various areas of the GUI.

When choosing states to add to a server only the states available for the current GIT version are shown, along with a description of the state/formula. To supply a description that will be shown in the Web Interface, the administrator adds comments at the top of each state file containing the description. The format is as follows:

# INFO: A description for this state file
# INFO: that can span multiple lines

Datacentres and environments

Saved on each server as the grains: dc and env.

GIT Versioning

Saved on each server as the grain: version.


For example, test_0.1.123 or prod_1.0.27


Installing the plugin

Refer to obdi-salt-repository and Obdi Plugins to install this plugin.

System configuration